Why Hindus Prefered Gaya for Pind Dan?

Gaya is known for Pind Dan all over the world for resting the ancestors in peace forever. Pind Dan is a ritual which is conducted after the Cremation of an individual. Hindu Religion believes that Pind Dan is a must after the death of their loved ones. It is considered to be mandatory and the most vital, the ritual of the entire life cycle for the followers of Hinduism. Let’s discuss the value of this ritual. Lord Rama came here to do the Pind dan for their father Dasrath.

Pind Dan is performed in any of the holy rivers of Hindu culture. People choose the location for performing this ritual based on their capacities and believe. There are many significant places where it is said that this activity gives its best results; Gaya being the most prominent one.

Activities at each of these 3 places are:

At Phalgu River –
you make the balls and perform the pooja on the banks of the river, the nearby temple complex, or the river bed itself and then carry the Pind balls into the river and immerse the Pind balls in the river.

At Vishnu Pad temple & Akshay Vat Tree-
you make the balls and perform the puja in the temple complex and then carry the Pind balls into the temple and offer it at the feet of Lord Vishnu and designated spots by the tree. The entire puja across the three spots takes about 3 hours