Rudrabhishek Puja

The term 'Rudra' is used amply in the Vedas. Rudra means tempest or a violent storm. Rudra focuses on the destructive nature of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is both gentle and aggressive. He is both forgiving and merciless. He is everything. He is the beginning and he himself is the end. This is how his devotees perceive him.Rudrabhishek puja takes place in the month of Shravan. It is a rainy month according to Hinduism. The month is in July-August. Many devotees believe that instead of doing a regular puja or an ordinary puja, if a puja is done specially, then there are more chances of receiving love and blessings from God. In the case of Rudrabhishek puja too, there 6 specialties. Let's get to them one by one. 1. Jal Abhishek 2. Dudh Abhishek 3.Shahad Abhishek 4.Panchamrit Abhishek 5.Ghee Abhishek 6.Dahi Abhishek

Rs. 5000